The Firestone Building-270 Peachtree 

A "Split-Slab" parking deck, the original between-deck waterproofing had long ago failed. So that our deck coatings were not blown off from water vapor pressurization, we perforated the structural slab, thereby venting potential pressure downwards.


Defects are Noted and Prioritised

Water, hot and cold temperatures and automotive traction breaks-up concrete and expands the destruction of weak spots.

Residual Dirt Removed

Embedded dirt must be removed if long-term adhesion were expected.

Repair of Spalls, Cracks & Joints

The walls of control joints, and spalls, are repaired using special high-strength, polymer-modified repair mortars. Regular concrete and mortar will not serve.

The Steps to Perfection

Epoxy-Polyamide Primer Applied

Polyurethane vehicular deck coatings bond tenaciously to well formulated primers. Polycoat Products' chemists are perfectionists.

Introducing a Base Layer

Primers dry and remain "open" for about eight hours, during which the first base layer must be poured-out, squeegeed and back-rolled.

The pRoof

Ultra violet resistant top coats, into which non-slip surfacing is broadcast, are harder than base coats and stand up to tires and rotating pressures.