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Waterbarriers is Atlanta's Owner-Oriented Restoration Professional

2165 West Park Place

During a period of forty-five years, the Directors of Waterbarriers, Inc. have become specially trained to identify the restoration potential in all classes of commercial roofs. Waterbarriers, Inc., is an outgrowth from decades of manufacturing Restoration Products and Systems. Our domain includes the materials and methodology, specific to returning out of warranty low-slope roofing and waterproofing assemblies to original performance standards.

"Roofers" Look For A New Roof Sale

Differentiated from "Roofing Contractors", we do not sell anything to anyone. Instead, in the form of our comprehensive analyses, we provide decision makers with sufficient objective data for making INFORMED decisions. System Type, Attributes, Deficits, Maintenance Needed, Options, Budgets and Captioned Photographs are assembled into a coherent document, ethical in nature, delivered to every interested party. These reports establish the great and the not so great, for transparent consideration.

Here's The pRoof

We recycled the existing roof asset, by taking advantage of the remaining attributes, already bought and paid for by the owner. Including all new skylights, this assembly received a twenty-year RENEWABLE warranty. Cost per S.F.: $2.86

The "Gold" Building
1945 The Exchange

A high profile office building, facing Interstate 75, the sellers disclosed a report saying the roof, very likely, needed to be replaced. The purchasers engaged Waterbarriers, Inc., to perform a Comprehensive Roof Condition Evaluation. Consultants perform somewhat similar evaluations but, may be motivated to arrive at very expensive conclusions or may, unknowingly, default to a very poor quality result, neither of which would be in an owner's best interest.

Qualifying a

Our examination of conditions revealed that the maximum permissible number of roofs were in place. Furthermore, the newest of the two roofs was sufficiently stable and restorable. Deciding upon the highest performing option, having the least labor cost, was a multi-stage, impermeable coating application. Besides impermeability, multi-stage coatings form  truly monolithic protection, from edge to edge, similar to a cast iron bath tub, whose enamel layer protects the metal beneath. The concept of Restoring, per se, is the establishment of a new sacrificial surface. Once applied, a sacrificial surface may be re-coated, or re-laminated, into perpetuity. Hence, the RENEWABLE ROOF WARRANTY.

Here's The pRoof

No standing water at the drains. Water beads-up on the "Gold Building's" new reflective coating. The entire planet is aware that exposed components age, all of them. Accepting that basis, shouldn't each owner receive a choice of protection that would, virtually, last forever, a RENEWABLE choice? After two decades, there will develop evidence of superficial aging on the coating's face. For the owner, the system is reviewed for preventive maintenance issues and, upon completing the maintenance,  the surface becomes power washed clean and freshly top-coated, a low-cost method for RENEWING the warranty, transferable to any purchaser. Instead of losing its re-sale value when the warranty expires, the owner/seller has added great value for which s/he receives compensation at closing. Restorations are considered repairs, not capital improvements, and may deliver additional tax advantages, effectively reducing the overall installed cost. Consult with your CPA. The Gold Building's Restoration Cost per S.F.: $3.10, including a Twenty-Year RENEWABLE Warranty.

Additional Cost Conservation: Generally, for buildings of six floors or fewer, a reflective roof surface may reduce cooling energy costs up to 30%, depending upon its specific construction characteristics. By this method, a number of roofing restoration  products may actually return the investment within a period of seven to ten years. Probably the most popular membrane choice this week, Terpolymer Olefin (TPO), may start by delivering a high Solar Reflective Index (SRI). However, as condensation occurs on the TPO's underside, as the sheet ages, hardens and collects airborne silt, its nominal SRI may fall to about 50, from 92 or higher. Has your roofing professional, or consultant, disclosed this data to you? We at Waterbarriers, are not looking for the close. We strive for the relationship that is based upon openness and mutual trust.