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You Are Probably Not Hearing All of the Benefits and Options That You Deserve. Did You Know that 80% of Existing Commercial Roofs Qualify for Being Restored to Warrantable, Optimum Performance?
Roof System Restoration is Not Only Viable, it is Ethical, Towards an Owner's Best Interests.

An Example of Beneficially Phased Restoration

Waterbarriers fully understands that each property has its unique budgeting requirements. Restoring the adjacent roof occurred in three phases, over a period of 24 months. Phase One is complete. Phase Two is being stripped-in and reinforced, prior to re-surfacing and, Phase Three awaits. The owner received a Ten-Year Renewable Warranty, at the end of Phase Three. Cost: $2.20/S.F. @ 90,000 S.F. We deliver Forty-Five years of Continuous Expertise and Value to every project that we Pre-Qualify.

Waterbarriers, Inc.      

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